Silver Alloy Co.,Ltd.

Company Profile

Captial 60,000,000.(Japanese Yen)
Products Tungsten Carbide Preforms,Blanks and others.
Head Quarter 73-1, Ouchi-Cho, Kasai-City, Hyogo 675-2455, Japan.
President Yasuhiro Takami
Bankers Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Hojo Branch.
UFJ Bank Limited Himeji Branch.
The Himeji Shinkin Bank Kasai Branch.
The Banshu Shinkin Bank Hojo Branch.
Head Quarter Land:36,300m2 Building Site:8,080m2
Factory Main Factory, Himeji Factory, Ono Factory, Tottori Factory
Branch Tokyo Branch, Nagoya Branch
R&D R&D Center
Picture(Head Quarter)
Picture of our Head Quarter
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Map for Head Quarter
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Jul., 1971 Started under the name of Silver Alloy Seisakusho in Hirohara-Cho, Kasai-City.
Apr. 1976 Changed the company name to Silver Alloy Co.,Ltd.
Dec. 1983 Obtained the land for Main Factory & HQ(29,500m2)
Aug. 1984 Purchased HIP Machine (100MPa)
Jun. 1986 Main Factory & HQ completed.
Apr. 1987 Opened Tokyo Branch.
Nov. 1987 Himeji Factory completed.
Sep. 1988 Purchased CVD facility.
Feb. 1992 Ono Factory completed.
Jun. 1992 Opened Chubu Branch.
Dec. 1993 Second Factory building completed in Main Factory.
Oct. 1996 Purchased high Temperature Vacuum Sintering Machine(1,800 degree Celsius)
Jan. 1997 Third Factory building completed in Main Factory.
Nov. 1997 Purchased 2 units of Low Pressure HIP (1 MPa)
Jan. 1998 Fourth Factory building completed in Main Factory.
Oct. 1999 Fifth Factory building completed in Main Factory.
Aug. 2000 12 Units of Vacuum Sintering Machine (total 118 units).
Feb. 2001 Laboratory completed in Main Factory.
Apr. 2001 Purchased Scanning Electron Microscope(SEM).
May, 2005 Opened Nagoya Branch.
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