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Introduction of Thin Carbide Plate blank

Pic.1 Thin plate of Tungsten Carbide blank
Pic.1 Thin plate of Tungsten Carbide blank

In Conventional thin carbide blanks, major issues were material cost and machining cost in polishing process on unnecessary thickness (polishing margin of 0.2 - 0.5 mm per side). In order to break through this situation we have just started production of ultra thin carbide blanks of less than 0.1 per side. Basic configurations are plate and disk, and yet various configurations are also available. Further process such as hole, groove and cut also served by us. As a result of this, the customer will be able to save drastically material cost, grinding/polishing cost and their process. Minimum thickness for basic configuration are as follow:

Disk for Blade 240mm diameter --- 1.0mm after sintering.
Disk for Blade 100mm diameter --- 0.3mm after sintering(0.25mm MAX).
Plate 100mmx100mm --- 0.3mm after sintering(0.25mm MAX).
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